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Who Needs To Get Multi Skilled. It Is Important To...

WHO NEEDS TO GET MULTI SKILLED? It is important to understand who needs to get multi-skilled. Do they need to be at a particular level or position, or doing a specific work? Interestingly, most experts do believe that being multi-skilled is level-agnostic. People trained in technical skills however need to have mastery over more than one platform necessitated on account of the high level of obsolescence in the field. The non-technical staff can be trained in support functions to save an organization considerable cost. Training should preferably be in related/adjacent fields, so that the existing skills of the employees are appropriately leveraged. â€Å"Moreover, as these employees move into managerial or lead positions, knowledge of related†¦show more content†¦Such a workforce would be self-managed and flexible according to the requirements of the company. From the perspective of the employee, multi-tasking would allow them to become diversified and maintain high levels of motivation and enthusiasm. It would also allow the employees to get involved in the various aspects of the functioning, work, etc., of their company, allowing them to be more involved in the performance of their firm and contributing in preventing lay-offs as well. There are many who believe that multi-skilled employees are a great asset to an organization, irrespective of industry conditions. In leaner times, a multi-skilled workforce helps bring in operational efficiency and increased productivity, since a smaller workforce is required to cater to the scaled down demand. But even when economic conditions are on the upswing, a multi-skilled workforce helps in addressing customer demand faster and better. If an employee enhances his skill sets, albeit in a phased manner, he will be far more valuable to his company and the company will be a more potent force in the market. Not only is this relevant in a recession, but also in a booming economy where companies compete to attract and retain the best business. TECHNIQUE OF MULTI-SKILLINGShow MoreRelatedHow Training and Development Helps in Competitive Advantage1594 Words   |  7 Pagesinnovation and fierce competitiveness have raised issues of survival, effectiveness, sustainability, etc. Increasing demand for skilled performers and increasing high attrition of capable workforce forced the companies to shift focus on attracting and retaining high-performing employees in the extremely competitive business environment. Companies have recognized the need to enhance the employee’s opportunity to develop skills and abilities for full performance within the position and for career advancementRead MoreRelated Cost Leadership And Customer Needs1628 Words   |  7 Pages Cover page Cover mainly – related Cost leadership and Customer needs Questions : 1. We have many other services in each of the services.... But their description is not related to the services.. Shud i include them not included here... :( 2. Can imaged be inserted into the sections 3. Should I mention only or different urls need to be included at respective instances 4. If I get more than 7 pages for only info †¦ what are the ways to trim the content in the file CorrectionsRead MoreSkilled Nurse Facilities For Non Acute Patients1383 Words   |  6 PagesSkilled Nursing facility(SNFs) serve patients requiring preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative nursing care services for non-acute, long-term conditions. Specialized clinical and diagnostic services are obtained outside the nursing home. Most residents are frail and aged and often use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Nursing homes also care for a smaller percentage of restorative patients of all ages like a rehabilitation and other residents are in long-term recovery from acute illnesses, butRead MoreWhat Is A Successful Manager?1734 Words   |  7 Pagesthrive, or is it a manger that can rally the employees to provide quality work? A manager is a person who is responsible for supervising and motivating employees and for directing the progress of the company. A successful manager usually means happy employees and a successful company. The successful manager must possess certain qualiti es and skills in order to be successful. However, most people who are managers, have been thrown into a position with little or no training or experience. They comeRead MoreEssay on Borgata Hotel and Spa Casino Case Study1214 Words   |  5 Pagesoperational startups include, what are the jobs, how is the employment market today, what is our competition locally providing, how can we get the best talent and finally how to do we retain them. The challenge for the Borgata was multi-faceted, a tight labor market in the surrounding area, a small local population of 40,517 of which only 63% where capable of working and the need for 5000 workers to staff the hotel in short time. (US Census Bureau. 2012). To compound the challenge the quality expectation wasRead MoreThe Role Of Effective Communication And Interpersonal Communication1608 Words   |  7 Pageseffective communication is important because without effective communication a lot of harm could be caused because a patient may h ave been given two doses of tablets and overdose because it wasn’t expressed that they had all ready had their tablets, they may not have had their tablets which would cause further problems for them. The best way to communicate is if the person feels relaxed and experience warmth and have a good relationship, Active listening is an important part of effective communicationRead MoreThe Importance Of A Multi Directional Communication862 Words   |  4 Pagesis low and every member can participate in the decision-making process. For my part, multi-directional communication is more effective than top-down communication. I also enjoy the working environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Additionally, I prefer to work in an organization advocating communication and commitment. Smooth communication increases productivity. Relationships should be as important as tasks in an organization. Besides, an adaptive organization that can react to variousRead MoreThe Movie The Car Essay1736 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The car has always been an extension of who we are - the ultimate attire, which is why the essence of this film is so attractive - at its core - the concept is so simple.You see life can be full of complications, responsibilities, duties, events, but the one thing you can rely on to get you through is family, and in this commercial the L46 is going to part of this. An additional member who is the real backbone of the story - the lifesaver and true hero. This is because in this filmRead MorePositive And Negative Effects Of Sports In Sport1247 Words   |  5 Pagessuffer from overuse injuries. An overuse injury simply comes from overworking the same muscles in an individual and not allowing themselves enough time to recover. According to a recent study there has been an increased risk of injury with children who train for more than sixteen hours per week (Geier, n.d.). For example, Alex Glashow, was at the age of seven when she had learned to intentionally dislocate her shoulder to ease the plan. With that being said she had logged 8,000 yards in the pool untilRead MoreManaging Diversity Through Human Resource Management1056 Words   |  5 Pagesamp; invisible ways; such as: * Age * Gender * Marital status * Social status * Disability * Sexual orientation, * Religion * Personality traits * Ethnicity * Culture Multiculturalism proved to be the most important dimension of diversity. Although many aspects of diversity have been examined by researchers, no comprehensive model exists. We will see a framework which will help organizations develop HRM strategies and policies to manage diversity effectively

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