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English 11 Syllabus 2016-2017 Essays - Education, Academic Transfer

English 11 Syllabus 2016-2017 Essays - Education, Academic Transfer English 11 Syllabus 2016-2017 Susan Howard [emailprotected] Danyele Magretta [emailprotected] Classroom B218 (703) 426-1230 (SS6) Welcome to a new school year! English 11 is designed to broaden your understanding of American culture. We will study key literary events and the relationship between history and literature to challenge our critical thinking processes. The overarching focus is the concept of the American Dream. We will delve into this on a personal and literary level. Course Overview: English 11 is a general education course. Students will be expected to read novels and nonfiction texts independently and to write in a variety of formats. In addition, students will prepare for the End-of-Course Standards of Learning tests (EOC:SOL) in both reading and writing. The key to success is to be prepared for class with assignments, materials, and necessary supplies and to keep absences to an absolute minimum. Consistent class participation is essential to learning. Textbooks Texts used in this class may include any of the following: Elements of Literature, 5th Course (Holt, Rinehart, Winston) Elements of Language, 5th Course (Holt, Rinehart, Winston) Barrons 1100 Words You Need to Know (Barrons 6th Edition) Literature: The Crucible The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Ragtime The Great Gatsby Of Mice and Men The Glass Castle Student Assessment: FCPS Grading Scale: 93-100 A (4.0) 73-76 C (2.0) 90-92 A- (3.7) 70-72 C- (1.7) 87-89 B+ (3.3) 67-69 D+ (1.3) 83-86 B (3.0) 64-66 D (1.0) 80-82 B- (2.7) below 64 F (0.0) 77-79 C+ (2.3) LBSS Grading Philosophy We are professionals who are striving to grade in the best interest of our students. The Lake Braddock grading policy will be consistent, fair, and rational within our school community. As such, grades are based on student achievement, knowledge, and skill proficiency demonstrated using a total points grading system. 11th Grade Team Grading Policy/Categories/Weights. Students will be notified in advance as to the weight of each assignment (see weights below). There will be 2-3 "Mastery Grades" quarterly. Neglecting the "mastery" type of assignments can be very detrimental to quarter/semester grades. The final exam will count as 1/9th of the total yearly grade. Grade Categories and Weights: Mastery: 35% Includes: major writing assignments, projects, unit tests, Socratic Seminars Skill Demonstration / Knowledge: 60% Includes: minor writing assignments such as journ als, timed writings, drafts, o utlines , quizzes, literary discussions, annotations, and active reading activities Practice: 5% Includes note taking, skills practice, and class participation 2nd Chances: According to current FCPS policy, students earning 80% below are eligible for a retake or redo on some assignments. Essays that are completed through the writing process, long-term projects, and novel quizzes are not eligible. The request to retake a quiz or redo an assignment must be initiated by the student within three school days after the grade is received. The student must then complete a prerequisite assignment (this includes a re-teaching component) and meet the specified deadline for completing the "retake/redo." The student will then earn the better of the two grades with the maximum allowed of 80%. Late Work/Make-up Work: Full credit is given to all work turned in on time. Up to one letter grade is deducted per day for late major work. Students should expect to receive NO CREDIT for late homework that is reviewed in class. Please check FCPS 24/7 (Blackboard) when you are absent for any updates or changes in due dates. Feel free to email me directly with your questions or email me your assignments if you are absent. If you are absent during key portions of a group assignment, you will complete the assignment (or a designated alternative) on your own. Parent Communication Beginning on October 17, 2016, Weekly Progress Reports will be generated through SIS. All parents that have registered SIS Parent Accounts, and have students enrolled in either middle or high school will receive these emails. These reports will include students overall grades in each class. Lake Braddock will continue to email detailed progress reports during 1st Quarter. Once FCPS begins emailing Weekly Progress Reports teachers will email detailed progress reports at interim and end of quarter. Grades will be accessible through SIS ParentVue and StudentVue starting September 19th.Grade Final Exam: This course will have an extensive and comprehensive final

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