Thursday, November 21, 2019

Beijing Marathon and Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Beijing Marathon and Pollution - Essay Example According to Chang, during the last decade, China has undergone massive industrialization that has really transformed its economy and further catalyzed economic growth and prosperity (30). However, the industrialization has endangered the lives of Chinese people mostly in urban areas due to high levels of pollution. China is the world’s biggest consumer and it is estimated that the country consumes almost four billion tonnes of coal. The country has over-relied on coal for electricity production and thus the high and increasing levels of pollution. However, recently the Chinese government implemented a plan to close fifty thousand coal furnaces in order to curb the increasingly high levels of smog in its skyline. On the other hand, they have decided to clean all their furnaces so as to use clean pure coal rather than the use of dusty coal leading to high levels of air pollution. The growth of industries is another contributing factor to increase in air pollution. Bejin is a metropolitan city that is surrounded by industries. In the nearby province of Hebei is home to more than eight hundred polluting factories. Beijing is also home to steal manufacturing industries that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, pollution from Hebei is swept by the wind into Beijin thus making the city to be ranked among the World’s most polluted cities. On the contrary, Beijin faces high traffic on its roads. As such, the increased number of vehicles emit smog into the atmosphere causing the air around Bejin to be impure with small chemical pollutants of PM2.5. In addition, China’s industries and the government have failed in regulating the amount of chemicals industries emit. The government should have implemented fines for industries emitting more into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the industries have failed in installing carbon absorbing materia ls into chimneys so as to limit the level of atmospheric pollution. The case of China’s Bejin Marathon is a depicts failure by rich nations to observe the Kyoto protocol to reduce emissions into the atmosphere on a meaningful scale.

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