Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Why Groupon Is An American E Commerce Company - 3993 Words

Abstract Groupon is a famous IT company, which focus on the group purchase services and increase consumer buying power while driving more business to merchants through price and discovery (Groupon Inc, 2013). Groupon is an online local shopping site that offers selected daily deals to large number of customers from merchants on discounts (Mashable, 2013). Groupon founded in 2008 by Andrew Mason, is an American e-commerce company with its headquarters in Chicago with over 11,000 employees and has its presence established in close to 50 countries (Yahoo Finance, 2013). According to Yahoo finance, Groupon Inc. manages Groupon businesses all over the world and is worth of multibillion dollars in earnings, shares and stocks (Yahoo Finance,†¦show more content†¦Datebase model of Groupon.com 2. Home page 3. Shopping cart 4. E-mail function between Groupon and customers 5. Payment system and E-commerce security 6. Website and bookmark ââ€"ŽFuture Landscape for Groupon.com Method As Groupon is an young company, so in addition to the using the text books recommended by this class and the research for this paper was gathered using University of La Verne’s electronic library of business databases, we also searching for related articles about E-commerce on the Internet, the Groupon.com website are necessary for using. A complete list of reference materials include other website is listed in the â€Å"References† section of this document. Background-Groupon Because of the development of Internet and social media technologies, there is a new war about business on the global scale, reduce the cost of operations, create effciencies, get more customers and create a new way of business transactions (Clemons, 2009). Nowadays, there are different kinds of electronic forms of business: E-marketing, e-commerce, e-payment, e-shopping and even e-contact are the most regular thing in the global businesses. The main idea of E-commerce and E-business has also provided firms the new ways to compete and develop their business practices, so they could provide products and services and new innovations efficiently to attract more customers and get a better market value. With the help of social network

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